Shifter-Polar-Angle-LI00581-WEB_1024x1024-100x100 SHIFTER | POLAR MATT BLACK
Shifter-Polar-Front-LI00581-WEB_1024x1024-100x100 SHIFTER | POLAR MATT BLACK
Shifter-Polar-Side-LI00581-WEB_1024x1024-100x100 SHIFTER | POLAR MATT BLACK



Good UV protection
Optically correct polarized lens – Smoked dye
Metal frame + half polycarbonate frame
Adjustable pads
Lock hinge
Printed logos
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Liive sunglasses are designed with the purpose of resisting a lifestyle oriented to water, mountains or any active lifestyle, which requires proper sun protection against UV rays. Liive focuses on the art of individualism.

The frames are strictly designed to maximize touch, style and comfort. Our lenses offer total protection against the sun’s rays at an affordable price. Each and every one of our glasses have a 100% UV protection and some models incorporate polarized lenses with which to reduce the flashes, offering a very comfortable vision.

 Too fast to LIIVE, too young to die!


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